Emotions Embodied

When we think of emotion as manifested through bodily expression, dance is the medium that often comes to mind. The passionate urgency that lines the contours of the body as it twists and pulls in all directions embodies feeling in a way that few other forms of movement, thought, or even words are able to do. But emotion exists primarily within the self, and there is an inherent discrepancy between how it exists when confined in the mind, heart, or body, and its representation in a publicly viewable physical form, accessible only to certain bodies with highly conditioned abilities.

This series features dancers posing in positions that they find particular emotionally compelling or aesthetically appealing, and non-dancers attempting to pose in the same form. What happens when the bodies that do not have the physical ability to create a particular form attempt to do so anyway? Are they able to convey and/or evoke the same type of emotion? And to what extent might this force us to rethink the perceived emotionality of dance?