Rather than going out and seeking something, we seek nothing from which we can create something. We are honest in our creativity, our imposed drama, and in our falsehoods. The angst and passions prevalent in the photos are raw in their inauthenticity.

We head out across the city, aiming not to capture the unique purity of every location but to impose our own senses on what it has to offer.

There is no drama in young adults rolling suitcases, overflowing with a mix of the tacky and the sophisticated, across sandy beaches and over busy highways. There is no drama in the easy way that everyone gets along, meeting new people both older and younger, of different cultures and backgrounds and of the same; no drama in the instant new friendships are made as a photograph is being taken.

The joy of costumes and colors, of boldness and black and white, of adventure and aperture, have created a bond between us: a uniquely creative based friendship. Visible in the photographs, through our self-imposed seriousness, is this connection.

We each may have interesting stories to tell. Some of us have easy lives, some of us have hard lives. Each of us have overcome obstacles. We’ve discussed them on the early morning train rides out to Brooklyn and late night car rides to Queens. But for these summer days, when we explore the city through our own kaleidoscopes, it is not our stories that matter, but the experiences that we are creating to share with the world.

The results of this nondrama are photographs that sometimes say nothing beyond the beauty on the page. Photographs which blend classic New York City flavors with eye catching poses, expressions, and outfits. Photographs that express nothing deeper about the individuals in the outfits but exemplify friendship, creativity, and contentment at their finest.

Photographs, perhaps, that are purely photographs.